Sell-out Sunday: Benable

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Are you tired of your favorite recommendations getting lost in the vast sea of social media? Enter Benable, your go-to tool to create beautiful, shareable lists of things you love.

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So, what exactly is Benable? In essence, it’s the all-in-one solution for sharing your favorite products, places, services, activities, videos, recipes, and more! Whether it’s skincare secrets or the best restaurants in LA, Benable helps you compile and share your recommendations effortlessly.

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. Create a profile and start a new list (e.g., “Gifts for Men”, “Best Restaurants in LA”, “Baby Gear”, “Holiday Recipes” etc).
  2. Add keywords or paste a link to something you recommend. Benable will automatically scan the web to pull in all the info: photos, links, social, reviews, etc!
  3. Confirm or edit the info as you like. Upload your own photos, include an optional note, and that’s it! Tap to get a shareable link to your Benable profile or lists.

But what sets Benable apart is its flexibility. Benable lets content creators automatically add affiliate links to their recommendations. Even if your recommendations don’t have affiliate links, like restaurants, articles, parks, or local services, you can still add them to beautiful shareable lists on Benable. It’s a platform that values your voice and the diverse range of things you love. (Editors note: This list is a great example of one which mixes affiliate links with non-affiliate recommendations)

And the best part? Benable is completely free! No hidden costs or subscription fees. The creators envision monetizing through paid ads in search results down the line, ensuring that your lists and profile remain ad-free.

Who are the minds behind Benable? Launched about a year ago, Benable is the brainchild of a team committed to making it easier for people to help one another by sharing recommendations. As a registered Public Benefit Corporation, their mission is core to everything they do, driving a positive social impact.

Get started with Benable today and elevate your recommendation game. Share the love, share the knowledge!

Note: This blog post is not sponsored by Benable. It’s a genuine endorsement based on the platform’s features and values with information straight from their site.

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