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“Dinner With Sinners” started with two guys who had a passion for podcasting.

We are fans of podcasts like The Comedy Button, The Adam Carolla Show, and various NPR podcasts.
Being two Christian guys, we were sort of upset that there were very few Christian podcasts beyond Sunday sermon recaps from most of the big name preachers. As a result, we decided that we were going to start a podcast where we interviewed people with different viewpoints from our own. The purpose of “Dinner With Sinners” is to broaden the Christian viewpoint from the often narrow-minded view of people outside of our own circles. We don’t intend for this to be a debate of Christian vs. Non-Christian, but rather a gathering of the minds to learn about our fellow man and hopefully find it in our hearts to love each other. We like to have a little fun and take it easy too, so we would rather laugh together than debate each other.

Our goal in producing this podcast is to create a show that will help people better inform their religious discussion.

So when you tune into our podcast, here is what you will find:

  • Your three co-hosts – Marc, Andy and Karen
  • A hard hitting topic ranging from other religions and beliefs to sacrificing for church and family.
  • Guests who can provide viewpoints or insight separate from everyone else at the table whose goal is to educate and inform.

And that, listener, is what we are all about.

Originally posted Apr 26, 2013

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