Hitting the Mission Field!

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Originally posted 2014-08-03 21:03:26

Hey everyone!

Andy here letting you know that Marc is currently practicing what he preaches. Yesterday, Marc traveled with our church team down to Paraguay and today is helping host a free clinic for the people of that area. If this is like historical trips, they will do a free clinic for a few days, do some door-to-door outreach and show the Jesus Film to a soccer field of people.
If you want to follow the mission team on their journey, take a look at their blog page. http://crosspointeinparaguay.blogspot.com/ (Crosspointe In Paraguay)

In the mean time, I will be holding down the studio looking at ways to refresh our content and reach a larger audience. If you are interested in helping us out in any way, please send an email to us at feedback at dwspodcast dot com (Editors note: Email does not exist and is not monitored)
Here are some of the ways we would like to work with you:

  • Social media team
  • New hosts/shows
  • Guests
  • Street team

If you can think of anything else, we are open to ideas.
Thanks for staying with us and we will have new content for you soon!


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