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Originally posted 2014-08-06 15:52:39

Hey everyone!
Andy here, and I have a question to all of our fans:
We have been doing this show now for over a year, and we would like to know how it has impacted you.

  • Have you been able to share it with friends?
  • What are your favorite shows and guests?
  • What topics have interested you the most?
  • Are there any topics you wish we would talk about?
  • Do you want to get involved? (Host a show, Expand our audience, Any other suggestions?)

Post your answers to the questions posed above in the comments below or send an email to us at feedback at dwspodcast dot com (Editor’s Note: email no longer exists or is monitored)
We love to hear from our listeners and it keeps us motivated to bring you new content.
Keep listening to the show and we will do our best to keep it going


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