How Hackers Take Over Discord Servers (And How To Stop Them)

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Discord servers can be vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking attempts. As a server owner or moderator, it’s important to understand common attack methods and implement measures to secure your community.

Phishing for Account Access

Hackers may attempt phishing scams to gain access to admin accounts. Phishing uses fake login pages to trick users into handing over passwords. Never click suspicious links or provide account info unless verifying the source.

Exploiting Bots

Bots installed with overexpression permissions can be exploited to wreak havoc. Limit bot permissions and install from trusted developers. Routinely check bot activities for anything unusual.

Spreading Malware

Malicious links or files shared on Discord can spread malware if downloaded. Warn users not to open suspicious files or links. Use antivirus software and moderate carefully.

How to Protect Your Server

  • Use strong passwords and enable 2FA
  • Vet mods and admins thoroughly
  • Limit permissions for new members
  • Install antivirus and monitor closely
  • Ban members spreading suspicious links

Keeping your community informed on cyber risks also helps keep your server secure. Defending against hacking attempts requires vigilance, but taking proactive precautions can help keep your Discord server safe.

Protecting Your Account

Use these tips to secure your own Discord account:

Avoiding Phishing

Discord phishing often involves fake login pages sent via DM. Watch for:

  • Suspicious links claiming your account is at risk
  • Links to discordgift[.]site, disc0rd[.]gifts, or discordapp[.]com
  • Requests to “Verify your account” or “Update billing”

Never enter your password unless on the official Discord website.

Handling Messages

Use caution with DMs from strangers:

  • Don’t click links or files from unknown users
  • Disable friend requests from strangers in User Settings
  • Report harassment, threats, or scams to Discord

Staying vigilant for suspicious messages and links can help keep your account secure.

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